Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! Since this is my first post I would just like to start off by addressing a few concerns I’ve had since I went to bed yesterday. Last night I went out with my BFF (we’ll call him J- simply because he has not signed the publishers release form nor the liability waiver and release form that I will be presenting to him very soon), and the club was very dead. I realize that this could be a combination of many things. First of all it was Wednesday and most of us mid-late twentysomethings can not afford to have our hang over during the middle of the week. My theory is that most people are most productive on Wednesdays simply because on Monday they are really angry about going back to work and spend an inconceivable amount of time on pondering about the fact that they are actually at work and could have succumb to some illness over the last twenty four hours. By Thursday they (I am primarily using this term to disassociate myself from these people; in the event that my boss or co-works find my blog to be some sort of literary masterpiece and choose to read this post) are most likely restless and often spend a majority of time planning for the upcoming weekend. This is not to say that this club is blameless of their low attendance stumper. For one the club was set in a low light mood, a little to dark for the krump music that blared from the spins of DJ unknown. I at one point took the opportunity to do a few yoga poses to ensure that my body could fully execute the krump moves pinned only for this formal yet creepy lighting. It was a semi-defense/ smooth act, for which I could have been thrown out of any dance competition. The beer was only $3 a bottle which I personally felt would change once midnight came around and I would have to fight for standing space, a mere 2×3 requirement for me. As we left the club later on I could not help but feel a sense of despair for the organizers. For one the location was very far, the street was dark, and the weather was meant for being any where but in a club. I did however resort to keeping the club name anonymous simply because the doormen were nice and I personally am a big proponent of good customer service. So I spent the night wondering what if we all went somewhere new once in a while? Perhaps the 2×3 spacing is meant for a few monthly occurrences. Maybe the low lighting is meant for something more then just the yoga class? but then again it’s Thursday and who knows what the weekend will bring.


One response to “Hello world!

  1. Social, love your site and hope you have a prosperous career in writing and film. Your take on the world is with open eyes and humor.

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