Come On Down Joe Biden!

As many of you may now know who were lying down in bed this morning with your cell phone squeezed between your pillow and running nose, Obama has chosen Joe Biden as his VP. With all the media frenzy I felt as though I had entered the world of “The Price is Right”, and envisioned the Veep running down from row fourteen, red eyed, and ready to calculate everyday international made products by using the economically complicated rules of guessing. I have to say I was a bit surprised having thought this out for the last nineteen months. I really thought this would come down to demographics and votes. I waited for the ever ending how many votes will he get calculations from political analysts and mathematicians alike, but it never came.

To make matters worse here I was at two in the morning, dancing house music at a bar filled with an over active fog machine, when I decided to go home. Walking through the dance floor I tried to look past the exit and only found myself in the midst of a crowd. I moved cautiously knowing very well that I had spent the last twenty minutes informing J on the unsanitary condition of the bathroom, which I mainly contributed the leniency of the club in allowing men to to use the women’s bathroom. I had held my breathe, had him stand guard outside of the exit/entrance swinging door, and ignored the pee stained and wet floor only to squat down for a little relief. So as we left I realized that perhaps Obama’s text would have been convenient at that moment. Maybe I would have yelled “Joe Biden Come On Down!” and laughed so hard at the conditions I had just endured knowing that our government will fix it all. But, unfortunately I went home turned on the TV and received nothing more then the usual outdated infomercials, slept past 3am, and watched Saturday cartoons before coming to work only to realize that Joe Biden was already spinning the wheel as I was running to the el this morning. Now that’s overnight change- change I believe in.


One response to “Come On Down Joe Biden!

  1. Biden — the perfect foil for Palin!

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