McCain: Confused About the Feminist Movement

The DNC by most standards has been a crescendo of a tune filled with staccatos and long pauses to what yesterday was the grand and complicated finally of strings and baritones. Obama delivered in his strong and enchanting way, thanking the Clinton’s, punching McCain in the gut, and stating how he will provide the “change” motto he has been dancing to for the last eighteen months. As an Independent, I must say I was very proud. As a black person I truly felt that Obama could change the discriminatory nature of previous generations without throwing them in the back burner. That he could bring in the new blood by ensuring their future. I got the impression that through his wife, Michelle, and his two daughters he had somehow been informed of the feminist movement and realized that women are the foundation of every home. He was bit nervous at the beginning, humbled in the middle, and transformed by the end of his address. I am glad to have had this happen in my lifetime. Not necessarily that he is black and can perhaps understand my struggles, but that he speaks to the changes that I have been hungry for. He is today what Kennedy was yesterday. I can only imagine what he can achieve if given the opportunity to do so by his colleagues.

And then there was today:

To think that McCain would choose a woman with less experience then any of the candidates he ran against during the primary. Is this what feminism means to McCain- to assume that women will simply vote for another woman just to get a woman into the White House? As a woman I am both humiliated and infuriated by the Republican party; their unwillingness to accept change that both define and assure women rights. Palin may well be a highly educated woman, but she is not a feminist. She is simply an object set to hopefully help McCain to the White House, by simply standing on stage, shutting up, and hoping that Hillary supporters will simply flock her way because she has the physical attributes of a woman.


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