Lipstick- You Have Changed My Life!

So, as many of you may already know I am living in a whirlwind between the lipsticked pigs and pitbulls. I will probably spend the night envisioning the various shades that these lipsticks represent. Will there be the subtleness of a lip liner, or the plumpness of a lip gloss? Ahh lipstick! Will the pig choose to bring out the peachness of its skin or the pitbull outline the boldness of its cheekbones. Whoa Lipstick! Will they be a part of fashion week, strutting amongst the stars and model? Will there be change in the industry of lipstick?! Where will that change lead? Ohh Lipstick! Will it bring thicker more refined tones? Will it be sleek and light weight? Will this be an experienced lipstick brand encroached by the brilliance of its beginnings? Yes, Lipstick! You have changed my life!


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