Films to Occupy My Debt Filled Life

I have spent the entire week analyzing our economy, which to me means the inability to go out and shake what my mama gave me or hide the queasiness that overcomes me when I look at my newly formed retirement account by rushing into a movie theatre.  But, yesterday I realized that there is after all more to life then running into a theatre for some fantasy or searching Time Out Chicago for a weekend in the town. I went back to the basics of community this week, and I would like to thank J for that- smooches and hugs for bringing volunteering back like its the new twenty-first century sexiness. I was honored to finally go and see the Chicago Filmakers, who put together the second oldest LGBT film festival in the world. The best part is I’ll be volunteering for them! I have had an hiatus of at least four to five months of not volunteering for a cause and I realized yesterday that this is what keeps me sane. I am looking forward to ushering like like my life depends on it. PR-ing like I am the new White House spokeswoman, and networking like I was born to talk with the Gods. So if you’re free, and ready to bring the sexiness back to volunteering or simply want catch some films to occupy your debt filled life this years Reeling 27 is sure to get you hooked.


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