The Farm

This may perhaps be the best or worst day of my life. These past few weeks I have been captivated by the presidential campaign and am saddened by the prospect of a story coming to an end. I have taken every opportunity to speak my views, and diss the extreme rightists in an effort to argue for change. But, I also realize that the president is not what changes America- it is the people. They decide who they want to represent them from local government to congress, and yet like me very few of us pay attention to the other elected officials. We are so stuck on choosing our public relations officer that we often leave blank those who will support him/her in making the change we want and need. The truth is I have already made an endorsement, it is not based on the tint of ones skin, or the ability to stir up my emotions, or the genetic makeup of ones body- it is based on what I believe is best for society. In case I forgot to run between the oncoming traffic on Lake Shore Drive this morning or take over the intercom at work; lower my head and sigh in relief… That as an independent I can find a leader regardless of their party affiliations- I want you to know that Barack Obama is the light at the end of the tunnel.

This was a hard decision for me, because for a long time I believed that there were celebrities and politicians that often times walked the thin line between both worlds. I never felt that politicians were ever truthful, or perhaps they changed somewhere between Main Street and Wall Street. I imagined them as characters in my own Animal Farm, the wise old goat as the lifetime politicians, strong Boxer to lead and be worn down, and us as sheep to be fooled with promises of hope. But there were always the disobedient, and this is where I thought the uprising would come… From one of us. The one that would be looked at as not a threat but an ally who would build loyalty across the farm’s hierarchy.

Now I feel as though I have reached a point of no return- where my actions supercede my thoughts and I know that tomorrow will never be like today. I suppose if I died and found that change had passed me by I would understand. I would think that it was meant for those who had less than the farm. Those who slept with their hooves glued to the dirt for warmth or to simply be able to rush into the night if danger swam up the lake front. I know that I am one of the lucky ones, but the ending of a story always sweeps down my spine like a cold awakening. I hope that tomorrow will be the beginning of more stories to come, and hopefully I will have that chance again to endorse another goat, or Boxer, or even a sheep.


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