Hello. Goodbye. I love you.

Hello. Goodbye. I love you.

It has been raining all day

And the fog makes the ghosts turn from black, to tint yellow, to grey.

As I walked out this morning I remembered the day that I lost my first patient, and how old age can be such a bitch.

But it is nothing compared to your betrayal, where age finds you begging for forgiveness, peace and freedom from your short lived- life long risks.

They say that if two friends drift apart in a crowd of millions they should have enough decency to say their goodbyes.

If a woman meets her betrayer on the street she should scream hello, or timidly nod with her eyes.

If two lovers catch each other’s glances from afar they shall remember those nights and whisper “I love you”, because we never were unloving.

From a distance I recognize your walk. It’s as though these high-rises couldn’t hide you, even with the fire alarm and the mother-baby talk.

I want you to know that I have found a new friend; as we are drifting apart I will decently write out my goodbye.

I reached out to a betrayer on the street and I timidly nodded “Hi”.

I caught the glance of a lover and silently whispered I love you.

As the night creeps in you are shifting from tint morning yellow, to black, to grey.

I have asked God so many times to give me a clue that you are okay and not lying somewhere brown, red, and in disarray.

I want you to know that this is what betrayal does to you! How can I let go of the dead if like the rain it turns the insides into a murky dirty blue.

Hello. Goodbye. I love you.


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