Idiot of the Week: Hamid Karzai

karzai i was thinking that the world had gotten much better, with countries vowing to set aside differences and work with the new Obama administration. Sometimes i think i should stop reading the news. It’s like being stabbed and kicked down a hill as you roll over rocks and leaves, scarping flesh and cursing inflammatories into the air; hoping that where you land will be a sea of four leafed clovers waiting to be discovered. Maybe being a woman makes us a bit inferior physically but we make up for it by our intelligence and loyalty. i think being invincible is more attractive then being humiliated and tarnished for something we have no control over. Is it true that starting a sentence with the noun i is an assertion of oneself? Maybe it’s more a of a proclamation? That’s why some men hate when we do it. In that case perhaps placing a lower case i would make me less assertive. i have decided that Hamid Karzai is the Idiot of The Week.

For those of you who do not know Hamid Karzai is a stout man, often well dressed and topped with a karakul hat. If you ran into him on the street you would think, bold, fashionable, and perhaps soft spoken. If you spoke to him at a bus stop or perhaps a high end cafe as he is more likely to frequent the establishments of his class, you could fluidly trounce between French, Persian, Hindi, English, and Pashto- his native tongue.

In reality he is both manipulative, sneaky, and discriminatory. Which is ironic for a man that married a former obstetrician. But, he is most notably known for being the current president of Afghanistan.  This week President Karzai signed in to law legislation that allows men to rape their wives. Many speculate that this law was geared towards swaying Shia votes during the upcoming presidential election.

The law passed both houses in Afghan’s parliament, however the United Nations has yet to see a copy. Many have argued that the law was rushed in for a vote and there was little discussion allowed.

Note: While the Afghan constitution guarantees equal rights for women, it also allows the Shia community, thought to represent 10 per cent of the population, the right to settle family law cases according to Shia law.


One response to “Idiot of the Week: Hamid Karzai

  1. Karzai is playing a double role he is american sometimes and sometimes a Taliban. he cannot veto the shia law right now but, he knows slowly everything will be the same as US wants and Afghanistan will be fully democratec country but, the question is how long he and his puppet government can survive here in Afghanistan. not more than a year after US leaves.

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